About me

I am a person who is not worthy, I do not deserve forgiveness, I am just a sinner.what I know now is I am free, even though I was in the shadow of death, the world has a lot of ways my eyes, and you know, I fell many times, many times I was lying,but there is always that lifted me, sustain me, gave me a vision of hope, when I was a person who is not worthy, I do not deserve forgiveness, I am just a sinner. Jesus,He came and came, saw me, watching me, down from His throne. He is the Savior,how much I really do not deserve, but He saw I need a LOVE, from the Father. all my good deeds is not guaranteed to save me. HE does not account for it, because noone was worthy, we are always judging, still think evil, lying, let alone? we do not deserve, but it is only forgiveness from God alone can save us, that’s why He came down from his throne, becoming like a human, to be a sacrifice, a burnt offering to atone for his creation, the man. for humans it is impossible, but for God nothing is impossible. and yes, I believe it was he who saved me, forgive me, and He is my Lord, Jesus, Son of the Only Begotten Son of God. anyone who believes shall be saved.